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University of Campania

"Luigi Vanvitelli"



scientific technician



The Department of Environmental, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (DiSTABiF), University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" (UNICAMPANIA), constitutes a prestigious multi-disciplinary research center that includes biology, ecology, genetics, biochemistry and pedology with instrumental equipment such as NMR , Electronic microscopy, X-ray diffractometers, LC-QTRAP / MS / MS, LC-ESI-MS / MS systems, GC-MS systems. DISTABIF will participate in the GO (in all activities and with direct responsibility of WP6 and 10) with expertise in the environmental field, such as dendro-ecological, ecophysiological, biological, soil chemistry, biogeochemical cycles and LCA assessments. The team has a long tradition in the collection and processing of eco-physiological data, in isotope measurements with traditional and laser technology and in the analysis of the effects of environmental changes on the chemical-physical properties of the soil and on the productivity of plant species. The strong specialization acquired on these issues has allowed the team to direct and participate in national and international projects and to develop collaboration programs with various public bodies aimed at experimenting and monitoring environmental sustainability indicators. The experimentation activities have been, in recent years, aimed at identifying plant species and tree and forest management techniques to maximize productivity and reduce the consumption of water resources.

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