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National Research Council

Institute for Agricultural Systems

and Forestry of the Mediterranean




scientific technician



The Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Systems of the Mediterranean (ISAFOM, of the National Research Council (CNR) is made up of 52 researchers, 28 technicians and 10 administrators. The mission is to improve the understanding of agro-ecosystem biological processes with the aim of increasing agricultural and forestry productivity through sustainable use of the territory, developing tools to improve the management of water and vegetation resources. For years he has been interested in studying the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the wine sector (at different spatial and temporal scales). The main focuses can be summarized in: (i) micro and macro zoning with identification of terroirs; (ii) identification of the relationships between qualitative responses of grapes and physiological behavior of the plant in the modeling field; (iii) assessment of the impacts of climate change on crop adaptability and expected quality of the grapes. He will participate in all project activities and with direct responsibility for WP2 and 11

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