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University of Naples

"Frederick II"



scientific technician

- Leader-


UNINA participates with 3 Departments: Agriculture-DIA, Pharmacy-DIF and Biology-DIB.
The DIA develops multidisciplinary, basic and applied research in an integrated manner, for the improvement of scientific knowledge and technology transfer ( Mission is the study of agricultural systems and natural resources for sustainable development of the agro-ecosystem and environmental protection. Participate in the GO with 3 Sections: Biology and Plant Production (skills in agro-technologies with low environmental impact, application of botanical, eco-physiological and agronomic knowledge also for economic sustainability), Vine and Wine (viticulture and enology skills, with management of the vineyard and of the technological variables in winemaking) and Agricultural Chemistry Sciences (skills of processes at the soil-plant interface, pedology, soil fertility). Resp WP: 1, 3-4, 8-9, 12-13.
The DIB deals with multidisciplinary research in the fields of ecology, botany, genetics, biochemistry and physiology. Participate in the GO with skills in plant ecology and physiology (eg photosynthesis and biomonitoring), genetics and stress markers. Resp WP5.
The scientific activity of the DIF is oriented towards applied research and technology transfer towards companies in the agro-food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. Join the GO with expertise in the phytopathological field. Resp WP7.
The instrumental equipment of the 3 Dip includes: Structures for cultivation; Plant physiology lab; Chemical and biochemical labs (spectrometry, fluorimetry, chromatography, etc.); Lab. Of histology, microscopy (optics, fluorescence, TEM, SEM) and image analysis; DNA and protein sequencers; Microbiology Lab; High resolution tandem mass spectrometers; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

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